In Spanish, the words Pinta Libre mean ‘to paint freely’. The concept of freedom is very important in my work and it is present in different aspects. One of them has to do with the ability that all people have to create and enjoy the execution of a piece. When young people finish school, it is common to see a decrease in their practice of drawing and painting. It seems that the older we grow, the less confident we become at making art. For me, it is important that my students lose that fear and can free themselves from the apriori expectation of coming up with a masterpiece (which of course can happen too!), but I think that the real value is to enjoy the process of doing freely rather than expecting to be great beforehand, and realizing that by connecting with our senses, as we work in art, we can rediscover the reality and rediscover ourselves too. Also, the more we practice, the sooner we start achieving our artistic goals.

Another issue in which freedom plays an important role in my work is freedom towards animals. Since 2014 I have been a vegetarian and since 2015, vegan. Although my original reason to changing my diet was due to health issues, today my main motivation are animals themselves, which is why my latest work is mainly focused on animal paintings as well as on plants, fruits and vegetables that are the main source of the vegan diet. Through my portraits of animals, I try to honor their existence and to carry a message to the viewers. We all can make concrete changes to achieve the freedom of animals and prevent their slaughtering at our expense. My work is intended to serve as a reminder that the meat served as a meal is the flesh of a being who breathes, feels and suffers just as we do.

Let’s paint our life vision freely and allow all beings that inhabit our planet have a right to this colorful freedom.